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Outdoor Photographer Gives High Marks for liveBooks’ Ability to Get Your Images Out There

May 11th, 2010

Tim Grey of Outdoor Photographer wrote on the usefulness of website hosting platforms for creative professionals that allow you to get your images out there without the hassle. He argues, instead of paying to have a website custom-made from scratch, try one of a few powerful, easy-to-use options designed for photographers like you.

Of course, one of the top options is liveBooks. Grey writes, “Some of the world’s top photographers are putting liveBooks to use, and with good reason. First and foremost, liveBooks provides you with the ability to create a stunning display for your photographic images with an elegant user experience. When you visit a site created by liveBooks, you’ll probably have a difficult time believing it was created with online tools. At only $39 per month, liveBooks offers a very affordable way to create an attractive photography website. liveBooks also has partnered with Pictage to enable the sale of prints directly through your site. You can try liveBooks free for 14 days to see what’s possible.”

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